Gout et Saveurs Lakay 6th edition

Experience Haiti by Joining this Incredible event

September 16 - 19, 2016

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Corrales Enrique Segura
Fine Carribean


Press conference

Palms Residence

Palm Residence 21, Rue Borno

Pétion-Ville, Haïti


4h pm

Call for info

+509 43766152 / +509 31111010

Press conference Chefs After Party



7h pm

Rue Lamarre, Plaza 41 ( rooftop )

Pétion-Ville, Haïti


Village Gourmand

Karibe Hotel - Tickets $50


7h pm

Discover, Taste, Savor from over 30 restaurants and Chefs, food producers, Caterers and local Beverage companies who will take you on a culinary adventure like no other. Our Village Gourmand will take on a culinary discovery where you will feel taken on a street with nothing but great food and drinks to taste. Discover our pastry and dessert shops among our amazing food stops along your culinary discovery.

Ticket en vente à ATH ( Association Touristique Haïti ), Karibe Hotel, Agence Citadelle, Kinam Hotel pour info: info@goutetsaveurslakay.com


Barbancourt Tour with lunch

Le Relais de Chateaublond - Parc Historique de la Canne à Sucre


1h pm

Hosted by Chef Stephan

Enjoy an Amazing lunch at the Historical Parc Canne a Sucre. You will be welcomed by Executive Chef Stephan Berrouet Durand who will prepare for you a taste of Haitian Gastronomy while tasting and sipping on some great cocktails and Haiti’s special Klayrin called Tremper.

Restaurant Week

Start September 19 - 26

Lunch : $16 - $23

Dinner : $30 - $40

Leave your diets behind and take advantage of Kreyol Spice-Restaurant week in Haiti. For one week you will be able to eat at a number of restaurants at the most amazing discounted price.

Sunset Dinner with the stars

ASU - Karibe Hotel


7h pm ( Reservation Required, Tel: 3633-4090 )

Featured Chefs: Chefs: Paul Harry Toussaint/(HOST) Samantha Merores ) Roble ALI, Lucmann Pierre, Tim Tibbitts, Vanessa Cantave, Thierry Delourneaux, (7 Chefs) + Rebecca Tibbitts (Sommelier)

Our Signature Event, is an event like no other. The Sun is Setting on Asu, one of the most amazing restaurants in the heart of Petion-Ville A Tasting menu with 6 Amazing Chefs including Celebrity Chef Roble, Vanessa Cantave, 6 diamond award winner Tim Tibbitts, Chef Lucmann Pierre, Top Pastry Chef Thierry Delourneaux and Award winning Sommellier Rebecca Tibbitts. They will be hosted by Asu Executive Chef Paul Harry Toussaint and Karibe Executive Chef Samantha Merores. They will take your pallet on a course by course upscale dinner while enjoying the most amazing atmosphere and entertainement.


Farm to table brunch

The Farm to table concept has been around for many years and started in France. “Farm to table” is the concept of purchasing locally grown food directly from the source. The term comes from the idea that the less time and fewer hands it takes for the food to get from the farm to the table, the fresher, more environmentally sensitive and community minded it is.

This can include growing your own garden for sustainable consumption at home or for your restaurant. Haiti is probably one of the most organically grown countries in the Caribbean, but unfortunately the lack of support and relationship with the farmers and those who prepare your food has not helped this type of concept. We are asking the chefs to work with only local products this year to bring you this amazing brunch like no other and help start the concept of eating fresh and help develop substainable agriculture in Haiti. Enjoy two amazing brunchs at Kinam and Marriott hotel.

Brunch at Le Rond Point Restaurant

Kinam Hotel


11h am (Reservation required)

Brunch at La Sirene Restaurant & Bar

Marriot Hotel


11h am

Table du Chef : La Colline Enchantée

La Colline Enchantee - Jacmel


1h pm

Trip Tour to Jacmel - (Optional Trip) – Enjoy a wonderful cultural trip to the enchanted and most artistic town of Haiti. After the tour, you will enjoy an amazing lunch at the beautiful La Colline Enchantee with two of Haiti’s top Chef Ambassador’s Jouvens Jean & David Destinoble


Minority Chef Summit

Monday 21-23 - DAY TIME

To introduce, share and cultivate minorities in the field of culinary arts.

For three days chefs from across the world will come together to eat drink and fellowship. We will sharing our knowledge with culinary and hospitality student from three hospitality schools in Haiti. We will be discussing all of the important issues in our community for many years and want to take this opportunity to come together, in one place at one time, to speak on the issues and concerns of our industry.

Celebrity Chef Affair

Le Michel - Best Western


7h pm (Reservation required)

Celebrity Chef Ali Roble, Chef Alain Lemaire and Hosted by Chef Palao (Best Western Executive Chef)

A Celebrity Chef Affair: Television Celebrity Chef Roble Ali and our very own Chef Alain Lemaire from his appearance in Cutthroat Kitchen and Best Western Executive Chef Edson Palao will fill your sensory palates with some of the most amazing dishes while entertaining you.


Chefs Table Lunch: Le Pti Creux

Le Pti Creux


12h pm

Chef Natacha Gomez, Chef Patricia Arty, Chef Landdy Antoine

3 Chefs who are leading the Nouvelle Gastronomy in Haiti, will take you on their Haiti adventure. They will prepare some of the most succulent Haitian dishes for you at the wonderful Le P’ti Creux in the heart of PV.

Griyad Lakay



7h pm

Chef Tigeorge, Chef Dimitri. The Los Angeles BBQ King is Back, featuring his new cookbook, while cooking with Executive Chef Dimitri Lillavois at the Best BBQ Joint in Haiti. They will prepare some of their best BBQ for you to enjoy while sipping on Smokey’s signature cocktails.


Chefs Table Lunch: Kanel

Kanel Restaurant - Le Plaza Hotel


12h pm

Chef Tigeorge, Chef Dimitri (host) The Los Angeles BBQ King is Back, featuring his new cookbook, while cooking with Executive Chef Dimitri Lillavois at the Best BBQ Joint in Haiti. They will prepare some of their best BBQ for you to enjoy while sipping on Smokey’s signature cocktails.

Champagne & Chocolat

Le Michel - Best Western


7h pm

Reservation required

Chef Erika Davis & Chef Angel Betancourt. Let Award Winning Chocolatier Chef Erika Davis and Award Winning Pastry Chef Angel Betancourt take you on a sipping and savor discovery of Champagne and Chocolate.


Chefs Table Lunch: (Les Jardins du Mupanah)



12h pm


Flavors of the Islands

Le Ritz


7h pm

A Caribbean Culinary Extravaganza Taste the dishes from some of the best Caribbean's Chefs and their respective countries. You will be taken into an caribbean discovery like no other. Lets Party


Barbancourt Cocktail Competition (4e Edition )



7h pm

Tapas by: Chef Shorne, Chef Stephan, Chef Digby, CHEF SAMANTHA MERORES(HOST)

Cocktails: Orson Salicetti

The Barbancourt “Cocktail Haiti” Competition is back again, bringing Haiti’s Top Bartender’s to compete in the most intense Cocktail Competition. Bar Tender’s representing their establishments will have to prepare an amazing cocktail featuring Rhum Barbancourt as the base and present it to the judges. Enjoy amazing tapas from our Chefs featuring Barbancourt and also an amazing Bar Show featuring NYC top Mixologiste Orson Salicetti from Lumos in NYC.


Marche Local


Place St-Pierre

Pork Fest

La Reserve


7h pm

Pork Fest is Back again this year as one of the most memorable events of last year’s festival. Chef Tony Desmornes, Executive Chef of La Reserve an Oasis in the heart of Petion-Ville will host a mirade of Top Chefs who will prepare the all mighty pork in variety of ways.


Montcel Gourmand

Le Montcel - Belot


11h am

Prestige Presents an amazing day in the mountains at le Montcell While enjoying great BBQ by a number of Amazing Chefs and the best BBQ Joint in town Smokeys. Enjoy a family day with the Trail Riders, Side by Side expo and more.

About the festival

Gout et Saveurs Lakay is the brain child of a young Chef Stephan Berrouet Durand, who after 20 years comes back to his home country with the idea of helping with the development of Haiti’s gastronomy and putting Haitian Culinary and hospitality talents in the forefront. Haiti has never been recognized as a culinary destination let alone been know for its Chefs. It was time to change it all. After meeting with now friend and colleague Chef Jean-Luc Grabowski, old friend Didier Hyppolite supporting this idea, he would take the chance of taking it further. At a tourist association meeting, Stephan would meet current Minister of Tourism Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin and friend and now partner Jean-Max Chauvet who would take on the project with him. With the support of the oldest and strongest newspaper in Haiti today Le Nouvelliste, the Haitian Tourism Association the 1st Edition of the festival “Gout et Saveurs Lakay” – Haiti Food & Spirits Festival would see the light of day. The festival was a success with Haitian Chefs local & International, restaurants; caterers came to participate in this grand celebration. In 2012, wanting to do better, Jean-Max and Stephan brought event coordinator extraordinaire, Johanne Buteau on board to form Culinary Events, which would take over the full coordination of the festival.

Chef Stephan’s vision with his partner’s wanted this festival to be a change maker in the industry on many levels. The objectives of the festivals became clear: the promotion of Haiti’s gastronomy, under its cultural, professional, economic and social components. This festival had to help make a difference from the grassroots, which is education, which is why in 2012 the festival took the status of non-for-profit festival and the profits would go towards supporting culinary and hospitality education in Haiti. Gout et Saveurs Lakay has to be a major player to help promote and elevate all facets of the culinary and hospitality industry. The success of the 2nd edition helped us donate over $12,000 dollars to the hotel School “Ecole Hoteliere d’Haiti and to CHTAEF-Haiti Fund which helps young Haitians students continue their studies abroad through scholarships.

Every year, we invite Haitian and International Chefs and professionals of the food and beverage industry to take part in this unique event to help enrich and share their knowledge with other professionals in Haiti. Utilizing local grown ingredients, this will help renew our gastronomy and help promote it on the international level. These exchanges will help tell the rich story of Haiti’s diversity, give it an identity and in the future help visitors immerse them selves socially, culturally in every facet of the Haiti experience. Most of all, it will help with the evolution of Haiti’s rich food culture and help create the new Haitian Cuisine while keeping the integrity of Haiti’s unique ingredients and recipes.

After the 1st Edition and success of Gout et Saveurs Lakay, We realize how important it was to have a team running and organizing the event. Chef Stephan and Jean-Max Chauvet a Marketing Executive with the Oldest and Largest News Paper in Haiti partnered together and seeked the partnership of one of the most prominent and influential event planner in Haiti. Johanne Buteau came on board and the 3 of them decided to create Culinary Events, which would run the Food and Spirits Festival but would also organize other food events in the country.

Together already 5 years, Culinary Events has positioned themselves as the premier Food event company in Haiti and are working on continuing to develop other events beyond Gout et Saveurs Lakay.

Johanne Buteau

Johanne Lapierre Buteau is one of the premier Event Planners in Haiti. As an ex Physician assistant who worked on a trauma team in NYC, she fit right into the Hospitality Business in February 1986.. Worked in Hospitality Business for 19 years and then started her own business 10 years ago.

She brings over 28 years of planning, creating, learning and organizing top notch events.Palm Events has been associated with some of the A list clients and has organized Corporate events , Launchings, and many Social events. Johanne is now also co-owner/founder of Culinary Events who has been organizing the Haiti Food & Spirits Festival - Gout et Saveurs Lakay for the past 5 years. After the 1st Edition of the festival, it was only fitting that Stephan and Jean-Max reached out for her to join the Gout et Saveurs Lakay team and create Culinary Events to take the festival to the next level. Johanne has brought all of her expertise to the team and since then has taken us full steam ahead in creating one of the most incredible events in Haiti today.

Jean-Max Chauvet

Jean-Max is a business executive with a BS in Marketing and Finance and a Masters in Marketing and IT. As COO of Le Nouvelliste the oldest and most influential news paper in the country, hiis team is the organizer of the largest cultural gatherings in Haiti today with events like: Livre en Folie, Artisana en Fete et Music en Folie.

Jean-Max has Co-Founded a number of extremely successful businesses in Haiti including joining forces with Chef Stephan and Johanne Buteau to create Culinary Events. In 2011 after being approached by Chef Stephan to help him with the 1st Gout et Saveurs Lakay, Jean-Max jumped right inn. A foodie himself he thought it was a genius idea that could bring something new and refreshing to the country.

Jean-Max brings an extensive background in Marketing and Finance with over 10 years in managing and creating successful enterprises. His input and connections and especially bringing an important partnership with Le Nouvelliste to the festival has made Gout et Saveurs Lakay today one of the most important events in Haiti.

Stephan Berrouet Durand

Stephane Berrouet Durand simply known as Chef Stephan is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts and a BS in Communication from the University of South Florida brings over 15 years of culinary experience and over 10 years in event management as Founder of Gout et Saveurs Lakay - Haiti Food & Spirits Festival and Co-Founder of Culinary Events. In 2011 after a returning to Haiti approached Jean-Max Chauvet to help him organize the 1st Gastronomic festival in Haiti. In 2012 the duo would join forces with Johanne Buteau to create Culinary Events who know manages and organizes the festival for the past 5 years.

Since his return to Haiti, Stephan has made it one of his missions to promote Haiti’s Cuisine all over the world and bring Haitian Gastronomy on the culinary map. He prides himself as being a Culinary Ambassador and is as well the Co-Founder/Co- Organizer of Taste of Haiti in Miami & President & Co-Founder of the Haitian Culinary Alliance - 1st Haitian Chef Organization in the world today.

Come and discover in one of the most incredible Caribbean Destination, a gastronomy like no other in the Caribbean. Come and be part of Gout et Saveurs Lakay - Haiti Food & Spirits Festival 2013 presented by Culinary Events, Le Nouvelliste, Association Touristique d’Haiti and Haiti Minister of Tourism. Today more than ever, gastronomy helps define a country’s culture and helps tourist who visit remember their experience. Join top chef talent local & International, sommeliers and spirits makers from across the nation and Petion-Ville's own acclaimed gourmet scene for an indulgent, ten days of epicurean adventure unlike any other.

Throughout this festival, you'll experience up-close and personal access to culinary, wine and spirit talent at over 20 cooking demos, wine and cocktail activities. Then sip and nibble your way through The Gout et Saveurs Lakay Grand Tasting Culinary Event showcasing top local restaurants and Chefs from the local and International culinary scene. Rums, Wine & spirit exhibitors. Come and taste some of the best Creole and fusion food from these Chefs and restaurants while discovering great local products. Join this cultural experience in the most incredible Caribbean destination. “Se La Pou'w La” says our slogan from the Minister of Tourism. Come experience, food, culture, music and so much more.

Experience haiti

5days/4nights or 4days/3night with Standard or Deluxe Room at Karibe Hotel, Oasis, Mariott or Kinam

  • Collective transportation Roundtrip airport transfers
  • Official Welcome Cocktail Reception
  • Traditional Haitian Breakfast included daily
  • Complimentary wifi access
  • Collective transportation for all official Haiti Food and Spirits Festival Events
    Friday 18
  • One day combination City and Mountain tour up to Mount Boutilliers (Lunch included)
  • Friday night “Grand Tasting” @ Karibe Hotel
  • Saturday 19
  • Barbancourt Tour with Lunch @ Parc Canne a Sucre
  • Sunset Diner with the Stars” @ Asu Rooftop Lounge
  • Sunday 20: Free Day (optional)
  • One day tour to International renown city of Jacmel with stop for lunch at “La Colline enchantee”in Marigot
  • One day at one of the beach hotels located on “La Cote des Arcadins” (65-80 Km from Port-au-Prince) including collective transportation to/from your Hotel to the beach.

In 1862, Dupré Barbancourt, a native of the Charente region in France, put the finishing touches to a recipe for rum that still bears his name today. Using a double distillation method usually reserved for the very finest cognacs, he discovered a rum of incomparable quality that has always received the highest international distinctions.

Dupré Barbancourt left no heir and when he died the company passed to his wife Nathalie Gardère who managed it with the help of her nephew, Paul Gardère. When she died, Paul then directed the company’s destiny until 1946. At this time Rhum Barbancourt’s distillery was still located on le Chemin des Dalles in Port au Prince and only produced a limited quantity of rum. The older aged rums being exclusively reserved for family and friends.

Paul then died in 1946 and his son Jean Gardère took up the baton, furthering the family tradition until 1990. An entrepreneur and a visionary, Jean Gardère was the instigator of Rhum Barbancourt’s modernization. In 1949, he relocated the distillery at the heart of the sugar cane fields of the Domaine Barbancourt.

And by 1952 the plant began to produce rum from the sugar cane grown on its own plantation: the Domaine Barbancourt. This allowed the company to grow from a small cottage industry to a proud international exporter, and by the middle of the 1960’s Rhum Barbancourt’s finest product, the 15 year old Reserve du Domaine was on public sale for the first time.

When Jean passed, Thierry Gardère took over and today, this fourth generation man of the Gardère family leads the company with his commitment to quality, fine natural ingredients, craftsmanship and the unique cognac-based production process that has ensured la Societe du Rhum Barbancourt has grown to become Haiti’s leading brand of rum. La Société du Rhum Barbancourt’s now sells its products in 20 countries and employs 250 people. Its wide reaching activities are responsible for the livelihood of 20,000 people. La Société du Rhum Barbancourt, is one the oldest of Haitian companies, and today they continue to produce the finest rum for connoisseurs in the purest tradition in line with every point of Dupré Barbancourt’s original recipe.

Founded by the French in 1698, the exact origins of Jacmel’s name remain a mystery. The Arawak settlement it replaced is believed to have been called Yaquimel, although other sources point to Jacques Melo, an alleged colonial founding father. Either way, Jacmel was a prosperous port by the close of the 18th century, when the town’s large mulatto population began demanding equality with the whites. Soon after, Jacmel became an important battleground in the swirl of the Haitian independence struggle, with the mulattoes under André Rigaud initially siding with the colonists against the slave armies. The black general Lamour Derance from Jacmel more successfully led the struggle from the other side, eventually uniting the two sides, although Jacmel again became a center of mulatto power when Haiti split into two following Dessaline’s death in 1806.

Jacmel also played a small role in the South American independence movement. Pétion hosted Simón Bolívar here in 1816 when the Venezuelan revolutionary leader was assembling his army, hospitality that Bolívar returned by abolishing slavery after liberating his country.

By the middle of the 19th century, Jacmel served as a major Caribbean loading point for steamships bound for Europe, and many European names can be found on the gravestones in the cemetery from this time. Jacmel was the first town in the Caribbean to have telephones and potable water, and when the cathedral was lit up on Christmas Eve 1895, Jacmel became the first town to have electric light. The town center was destroyed by a huge fire in 1896 and then rebuilt in the unique Creole architectural style that remains to this day. Port trade, however, began to dry up following WWII and the Duvalier era, leaving the annual Carnival the one time of year when Jacmel truly recreates its glory days.


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Haiti Food & Spirit Festival 2015

Satisfaction et défis

Le Nouvelliste

Les produits et la cuisine d'Haïti sont à l'honneur depuis le lancement, le 23 septembre, du « Festival de la gastronomie ». Et l'exposition des produits locaux le 2 octobre, censé être le clou de cet événement ayant duré plus d'une semaine, a tenu toutes ses promesses. Malgré la satisfaction du pub

Pour le plaisir des papilles

Le Nouvelliste

Dégustation rime avec transgression. C’est déjà ça. La  résolution prise, les pics de mon mauvais cholestérol, les conseils pour maigrir du Dr Alix Lassègue sont rangés dans un coin de ma tête. Au placard les accès de re

« Goût et saveurs lakay » remet le couvert

Le Nouvelliste

« Goût et saveurs lakay » remet le couvert. Du 27 septembre au 6 octobre 2013, les amants de la bonne chère seront servis, a assuré le chef Stéphane Berrouet Durand, coordonnateur général du groupe « Culinary Events », l'une des chevilles ouvrières de cette grande foire gastronomique. « Cette année

Goûts et saveurs lakay est lancé !

Le Nouvelliste

Au Quartier Latin, un mythe se crée. C’est dans cet antre de la bonne cuisine, à Pétion Ville, qu’une douzaine de chefs, pour la deuxième fois, se mêlent aux organisateurs et sponsors pour lancer le « Festival Goûts et saveurs Lakay&n

Putting Haitian Cuisine on The World Cooking Map


Some people would have to be brought to the Intensive Care Unit at their local health facility if they were to endure three consecutive days without their generations portions of diri sòs pwa.

« Goût et Saveur Lakay », banquet final

Le Nouvelliste

Ceux qui découvrent pour la première fois Moulin-sur-Mer lâchent un wow. Ils n'ont pas tort. C'est dans cet écrin dans lequel sont brassés l'histoire et la détente en face de la mer que « Goût et Saveurs Lakay » offre le banquet final de la troisième édition de ce festival le dimanche 6 octobre 2013

3ème Édition du Festival Goût et Saveurs Lakay 2013

Haiti Libre

La 3ème Édition du Festival « Goût et Saveurs Lakay - Haïti Food & Spirits Festival », organisé par « Culinary Events » en partenariat avec l’Association Touristique d’Haïti (ATH) et le Nouvelliste, se tiendra dans plusieurs établissements du pays du 27 septembre au 6 octobre 2013 autour du thème «

Gout et Saveurs Lakay & Haitian Chef Alain Lemaire


The Real Haiti: We had the chance to go behind the scenes with Chef Alain Lemaire and the other visiting and local chefs for Gout et Saveurs Lakay, Haiti's food, wine and spirits festival. You will see what it takes to put on such a large, successful event in Haiti.

Gout et Saveurs Lakay - Island Xclusive
Island Xclusive: Chef Stephan Durand @ Haiti Food & Spirits Festival
Promo-Gout et Saveurs Lakay - Haiti Food & Spirits Festival 2014
BBQ on the Beach, Goût et Saveurs Lakay 2014
In the Kitchen with Chef Lemaire- Gout et Saveurs Lakay 2014 Edition


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